Sencha Touch 2 [JS]

Sencha Touch 2

Sencha Touch is a framework for building cross-platform mobile application using HTML5 technologies. Similar to ExtJS, Sencha Touch provides a fully functional JavaScript API and a structured MVC approach for building mobile applications. Coding is done (almost!) exclusively in JavaScript - with the majority of the HTML and CSS being abstracted away behind the concept of "components", which are configured and generated by the JavaScript code.

The PropertyCross implementation does not use any additional tools or libraries beyond those supplied by Sencha, with one exception - it makes use of PhoneGap Build to build and package the application as a native app (although it does not make use of the PhoneGap APIs itself). This implementation also uses the "Sencha" 2.3.1 themes to style it - mimicking the default look and feel of native applications for iOS 7, Android and Windows Phone 8.

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.

API Reference - An extensive set of documentation describing the framework's API.

Blog - A regularly updated blog that describes new releases of Sencha Touch and often describes some of Sencha Touch's features in detail.

Getting started guide - A great guide that can be used to get started with Sencha Touch.

Forums - An active forum with support available from some of Sencha Touch's creators.

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