lavaca [JS]


Lavaca is a web application framework designed to jumpstart development of hybrid and single page applications. Lavaca is made available under an MIT licence and features:

The Lavaca implementation of PropertyCross is built for iOS, Android, and Web. All platforms share the same HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Due to lack of demand, Lavaca does not official support Windows Phone 8, however this project could be modified to support Windows Phone 8.

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.

Official Documentation - Lavaca's official documentation is extremely detailed and enormously helpful to Lavaca developers.

Source Code - The full Lavaca source code is available on Github.

Getting Started Guide - A comprehensive getting started guide that covers the fundamentals of Lavaca.

Example Applications - A showcase of applications created using Lavaca.

Lavaca on Twitter - Although this is no longer active it may be worth following in case it becomes active once again in the future.

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