NeoMAD [Java]


NeoMAD is a proprietary framework for cross-platform mobile applications development.

The key points of NeoMAD are :

  • Developers work on a single Java source code to address all the phones and tablets currently on market while maximizing the capabilities of each of them : Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and 8, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, JavaME;
  • For each platform NeoMAD provide a Generic API with native UI Controls.
  • NeoMAD produces from this single Java code, the native source codes for each targeted platform; NeoMAD also produces optimized binaries for each target;
  • The developer can use native code in the Java source code to meet specific needs or integrate existing developments;
  • NeoMAD provides a plugin for Eclipse to help to structure the development and production of mobile applications;
  • NeoMAD offers an integrated simulation solution and merges tools offered by manufacturers of mobiles;
  • NeoMAD improves development productivity, facilitates maintenance, and future proof your investment from the evolution of technologies;

Find out more at NeoMAD website.

The PropertyCross implementation makes use of the Event Driven Programming.

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.

Application Showcase - A showcase of applications built by companies including Sony and L'Oréal using Neomades.

Documentation - The official documentation describes everything that you should need to know to develop an application using Neomades in detail.

Neomades on Stackoverflow - A variety of questions and answers relating to Neomades on Stackoverflow.

Neomades on Twitter - The Neomades Twitter account posts about future updates, links to useful articles and announces new releases.

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