DevExtreme [JS]


DevExtreme is a commercial cross-platform HTML5/JavaScript tools for mobile and web development from DevExpress.

DevExtreme Mobile provides the way to use one of popular MVVM frameworks (Knockout or AngularJS) for structuring the application, with the DevExtreme CSS providing a native-styled UI for the various phone platforms. DevExtreme mobile applications use PhoneGap for packaging.

DevExtreme Complete subscription is a more integrated solution which adds Visual Studio tooling.

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.

Official Documentation - The official documentation for DevExtreme.

API Reference - API Reference for version 15.2.

Official Guides - Official guides for version 15.2.

DevExtreme Twitter - The official DevExtreme Twitter account.

Stackoverflow Questions - A collection of Stackoverflow questions and answers relating to DevExtreme.

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