Ionic [JS]


This is an implementation of the PropertyCross application using Ionic (v0.9.24). Ionic is an HTML5 framework built with Sass and optimized for AngularJS that uses Cordova / PhoneGap to package the HTML / JavaScript within a native wrapper for app-store deployment. Ionic includes mobile-specific components and controllers, and Cordova provides a set of APIs for accessing native phone functionalities which are not available via HTML specifications.

All HTML and JavaScript is shared across all mobile platforms, though small elements of functionality have been included to tailor the view subtly towards specific platforms. View, controller, model and services code is developed and separated following AngularJS' standard approach. Ionic provides an npm package to create, build and run applications (using Cordova under the covers).

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.

Official Documentation - Detailed documentation giving a comprehensive overview of the framework.

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Ionic Blog - A regularly updated blog with information about new releases and Ionic features.

Official Guide - A detailed guide providing information on a wide variety of Ionic topics.

Ionic Forum - An excellent platform to ask and answer questions about Ionic.

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