Kendo UI [JS]

Kendo UI

This is an implementation of the PropertyCross application using Kendo UI Mobile, a commercial framework for creating mobile UIs that mimic the native look and feel of mobile applications using HTML.

Kendo provide a suite of web development frameworks, all of which are built on top of the 'core' Kendo UI MVVM framework. The Kendo UI Mobile framework adds a set of UI widgets for the creation of mobile interfaces. The mobile framework has a look and feel that mimics the native Apple, Android and Windows Phone themes.

This PropertyCross implementation makes use of Cordova / PhoneGap, which packages the HTML / JavaScript within a native wrapper for app-store deployment. Cordova also provides a set of APIs for accessing native phone functionalities which are not available via HTML specifications.

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.

Official Website - The official website is a great place to get a feel for the framework and find great documentation, guides and release notes.

KendoUI Guides - A website dedicated to providing guides for developers using KendoUI.

KendoUI on Twitter - The official Twitter account posts lots of useful information about future releases and framework features.

Forums - The forums are active and frequented by KendoUI experts who post useful information and answer questions.

Stackoverflow questions - A variety of questions and answers relating to the framework on Stackoverflow.

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