jQTouch [JS]


jQTouch is a Zepto/jQuery plugin which provides a framework for developing iOS and Android applications. It is both open source and free to use.

jQTouch provides a structure on which to base the HTML, the majority of the application styling, page transition animations and touch based event handling; however, it's not a fully featured application development solution so this project uses a number of other technologies fill in the gaps:

  • Knockout - a JavaScript MVVM framework.
  • RequireJS - a JavaScript file and module loader.
  • PhoneGap - used to wrap the code so that it can be installed as a native application.

To aid the development process, this project makes use of CoffeeScript and Sass over JavaScript and CSS respectively.

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.

Official Website - Hosts a number of useful links related to the project.

Source code - The full source code is available on Github.

Blog - The official blog appears to no longer be updated but provides interesting posts on the development of jQT.

jQT on Twitter - The official twitter account for jQT.

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